Sunday, 6 January 2013

Graham hates Butterbeans

Jennie and Graham were coming to eat with us.
We hadn't known them long. They were uber cool. I needed to impress.
Meeting them at the door I casually asked if there was anything they didn't eat.
No nothing at all........... except butterbeans.
Said with deep feeling.
Graham has been a good friend for 30 years since that night.
He is not a vegan. He shoots and cooks rabbits.
I know he hates butterbeans.
He remembers sitting in front of a heap of cold butterbeans.
And hearing his friends in the playgound.
But that night I didn't know and I had made Butterbean and Miso stew.
The recipe was from an iconic seventies wholefood cookbook.
It had been simmering in the oven for hours.
Today I reminded him that he had two helpings.
He insists it was politeness.
The book has long since disintegrated.
But stuff is coming full circle now.
I need to make it again.

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