Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Ok so I'm worried that you think I'm some miserable navel-gazer.
And you're going to expect me to be all moody and arty and poetic.
All of the time.

Well when you meet me (and I really hope we do meet) you might be disappointed.
Sometimes I don't remember to put the bottle down. My jokes can be un-pc. I can be brutally honest.
My friends are loyal and long suffering. I have to be told to shut up and that it's not all about me.
Swearing is part of my vocabulary. Usually when I need attention. My sister and my daughters disapprove.
Favourite spiritual quote 'Oh.....Fuck It' from 'f**k it the ultimate spiritual way' by John C Parkin
Read it and then just write whatever you want to on your blog. Fuck it...

I am also worried (lying awake type worried) that you haven't seen this clip.
So here it is. My new guru -ess (move aside Susannah Conway) Sweet Brown.
Fucking brilliant. Check her eyebrows when she says pop. Watch it to the end!
Save it somewhere for those dark days.

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