Saturday, 27 November 2010

Queen of Pies

This is the Pie That Chloe Made. Break through the gold crispy sugary shell to the custardy appley filling. Why have I never thought of this before - custard beneath the pastry. So simple and perfect. Pure comfort.
For the recipe see the Legendary Nigel Slater's recipe for Apple Custard Tart in Tender Vol 2.
We love you Nige. Let us give thanks for The Piemakers.

Thursday, 11 November 2010


By summer's end I am exhausted with the pressure of having endless fun in the sun.
Braai invitations, seaside outings, wedding celebrations, family picnics, camping trips, fetes and festivals...
There's a sigh of relief as the days grow shorter and cooler and thoughts turn to the pleasures of the Cocoon. The very word, the shape and sound of it, is resonant of its warm embrace.
Whereas summer is very yang, out there,loud and extrovert, winter is a yin time.
Time to retreat to a safe place and be quiet, reflective, spiritual.
soaking in a warm aromatic bath
lounging around in flanelette pjs
an inexhaustible supply of butternut soup
layering the bedding with blankets and quilts
lighting open fires and burning tibetan incense
swaddling myself in my orange Ethiopian gabi
reading,writing letters, keeping a journal

What does your Winter Cocoon look and feel like?